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Hurricane Preparedness

It's not a question of if another hurricane will hit, but when, and the need to be prepared to survive alone for a few days or more after the storm is more important than ever.


Hurricane Season     June 1st - Nov. 30th

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Sunday May 22rd, 2010 to Saturday May 28th, 2011, Create a plan on-line

Disaster Prevention should include        Taking action is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

FAQ: Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Katrina, by NOAA      Atlantic Hurricane Archive 1995 - 2007

GENERATOR SAFETY   Every year, people die in incidents related to portable generator use. Most of the incidents associated with portable generators reported to CPSC involve CO poisoning from generators used indoors or in partially-enclosed spaces.

Consumer Energy Center

Portable Generator Hazards     U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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