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These are photos I took of the NASCAR True Value IROC truck that came here to Cape Coral, FL. on Thur. 21st, 2002. It parked in the True Value Hardware parking lot. The truck was set up with two race cars that stuck half way out with the winshield to the rear of the car in a dark room, you would be let into a dark room and you sit in the car and they would play race car sounds. They had pictures on the wall and two tv's playing tapes of past and present True Value IROC drivers. In all, I had a good time. It was great!!!

This information about IROC is from

The True Value IROC series matches 12 championship-caliber drivers to compete in equalized Pontiac Firebird TransAm race cars.

The cars are differentiated by their brilliant DuPont ChromaSystems colors and outfitted with Goodyear Eagle radial race tires.

The four-race series awards points according to finishing positions. At the end of the fourth event, the points are tallied and champion is declared.

True Value is the world's largest hardware and home center retailer with more than 6,500 locations worldwide, representing annual retail sales of more than $18 billion. True Value's racing involvement includes a 16-year history with IROC, as well as involvement with NASCAR.

Here's a link to NASCAR True Value IROC racing. There's an article here that has a photo of Tony Stewart who just won the NASCAR IROC race Feb.15th, 2002 at Daytona.